Are You An Online Course Creator?

Learn to multiply your online course sales.

You've crafted a terrific online course.

Spent time and money hosting it perfectly.

But . . .

You've got almost zero online course sales.

Your income from online course sales doesn't even cover your hosting costs.

Is this your pain?

I understand completely. I sell online courses myself.

This is You.

  • You've got domain authority in your niche
  • Your online course adds huge value to a participant
  • Your online course sales page has an irresistible offer
  • Your online course content delivery system is the best

This Is Your Experience.

  • Online course sales - low to zero
  • Almost zero website registrations
  • The few who join don't complete the course
  • Your online course site just costs you money

You've crafted a terrific online course.

Join My Lead Generation And Conversion Multiplication Course Now!

It's specifically tailored for online course sellers.

You'll generate and sustain a minimum monthly income of $2000.

Then you'll learn how to grow that monthly income exponentially.

My Promise.

You'll multiply your current online course income.
You'll sustain this increased income.
Then you'll grow this income exponentially.

Your Protection?

No questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If I cannot add value to you, then I really shouldn't take your money.

32 days into the course, I'll release a FREE value add, bonus training worth $194.

You'll Learn To Sell Your Online Course By:

  • Defining your ideal course participant attributes.
  • Tweaking your course so it appeals to your course participants.
  • Discovering where course participants hang out in large numbers on the net.
  • Engaging them, then drawing them in large numbers to your course site.
  • Rewriting your Home and Sales page content to deliver maximum conversions.
  • And so much more . . . .

You'll Learn To Sell Your Online Course By:

  • By participating in weekly office hours. Ask questions get help. Face to face.
  • Tweaking your course so it appeals to your course participants.

Join us, I'll be there to support you. You'll be with other course creators. All implementing tried and tested techniques which multiply their course sales, and succeeding.

This Is How You Will Learn.


This Is What You Will Learn.

  • Course Creation Essentials.
  • Course Hosting Essentials.
  • Identifying Your Ideal Course Participants.
  • Figuring Our Where They Hang out On The Internet.
  • Engaging Them There. Drawing Them To Your Site.
  • What Pro's Do To Make Their Course Appealing To Their Market.
  • Craft Home, About And Landing Page Content for maximum conversions.
  • Webpage Elements That Help Multiply Opt-ins.
  • Engaging, Selling then UpSelling To Your Opt-ins.
  • Publishing Content On Social Media That Engages & Attracts.
  • Using Content Curation.
  • Monitoring & Tweaking Your Online Course Sales Strategy.
  • And Lots More . . . .

Free Bonus Training Released After 32 Days Valued At $194.

Do Remember

Online course selling techniques are not static. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google. . . keep changing the rules of engagement constantly.

That's why planning, executing and monitoring a successful course sales strategy is both exciting and a bit of a challenge.

I constantly keep tweaking the content of my course modules to ensure they are relevant.

I add or delete modules if/when some course sales process undergoes radical change.

I know how important it is to sell your course to sufficient course participants every month. I'm a course creator like you.

Each course module is delivered using

  • 1) A video that explains module concepts in depth.
  • 2) A PDF transcript of the video's content for download.
  • 3) The audio content of each video for download.
  • 4) Hands-on exercises for the module. [ Where Applicable.
  • 5) Send in your Hands-on exercise get a critique in return.
  • 6) Weekly office hours. Ask me questions, I'll give you answers, face to face.
  • 7) Join a private Facebook group. Connect with your peers. Ask questions, get answers.
  • Regular monthly Webinars. Ask questions and get answers.
  • A private Forum for all course attendees.
  • 12 (and growing) terrific ebooks on course creation & selling.
  • A free bonus training on content curation worth $97.
  • A free bonus training install, setup, configure & use your own WordPress website worth $97.
  • Stay with the course for 32 days to release the free bonus training worth $194.
  • Access to your free bonus training will be announced via an Email.

Why Learn With Ivan Bayross?

International Author, Business Mentor, Digital Marketing Evangelist.

Here's what I bring to the table.

34+ years of hard core, coding experience. I still code.

18+ years of executing successful Digital Marketing strategies for clients worldwide.

Designing, executing, monitoring and tweaking digital marketing strategies is not rocket science.

It's a learnable skill.

  • You must know your ideal customer intimately.
  • Engage, delight and add measurable value to them.
  • Build trust that lasts.
  • Laugh at your mistakes while fixing them.
  • That's when you'll sell like crazy.
  • Curious? Want to read some more about Ivan?

Participants Love My Course.

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